Woman abandoned in jungle by family fearing coronavirus

A 50 year old woman from Tangail, Bangladesh was left abandoned in a jungle by her husband and sons after fearing she had contracted coronavirus. She had been suffering from shortness of breath and a fever for a day. He family, suspecting she had contracted the coronavirus, took her to a jungle in Sakhipur’s Isadighi area and ran away, leaving her there. She was found by locals, who responded to her cries for help. After authorities were contacted, she was taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital where she tested negative for Covid-19.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged the nation not to abandon the principles of humanity saying “Everyone should be safe; but it doesn’t mean that they have to act inhumanely. Please don’t act like that. I don’t think there can be anything more cruel than having a mother banished to a jungle by her children or her husband, just because she had a little cold.”