The Ongoing Search for Sri Lanka’s Disappeared

Sitting President Gotabaya Rajapaksa told the UN that thousands of disappeared Tamils are “actually dead”. This callous statement came after over 1000 days of continuous protests by the Tamil families of the disappeared demanding justice and accountability for their loved ones.

Much like Sirisena, Rajapaksa attempts to deny accountability to the families without providing details of how they died. Many Tamil people that were disappeared surrendered to the army during the final phase of the armed conflict. There is documentation of their surrender at this time.

For over 3 years, Tamil families of the disappeared have been protesting for the Sri Lankan government to release the list of detainees (past and present) to no avail. At least 53 family members have died in pursuit of the truth about their loved ones. While they have lost faith in the state, they are seeking justice from the international community.

We are calling on members of the Tamil diaspora and allies to take direct action. Visit the link in our profile to write an email to your government to place pressure on Rajapaksa to answer to the Tamil families of the disappeared. Sri Lanka’s disappeared can not be erased with death certificates.