Why can’t Pakistan eradicate polio?

After a four month hiatus, Pakistan is set to restart its polio vaccination drive in the highest-risk regions in the country. Health officials aim to vaccinate over 800,000 children over five days in the districts of Karachi, Quetta, Faisalabad, Attock and South Waziristan. The vaccination drive will start initially in these areas where the polioContinue reading “Why can’t Pakistan eradicate polio?”

Fake pilots and heroin smuggling; PIA is unfit for purpose

Once a well-respected international airline with a burgeoning reputation, recent years have seen Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) condemned as a corrupt organisation; bereft of real leadership and values. In its formative years in the mid 1980’s, Emirates sought help from PIA to procure planes and train its staff. In the decades that followed, the twoContinue reading “Fake pilots and heroin smuggling; PIA is unfit for purpose”