Jayaraj and Bennicks: Police Brutality in India

The South Indian state of Tamil Nadu is reeling as the alleged torture of a father and son in police custody has caused an uproar in the state with thousands on social media comparing the incident to the death of George Floyd in the United States. The deaths of P Jayaraj and son, J Bennicks,Continue reading “Jayaraj and Bennicks: Police Brutality in India”

The Longest Lockdown: Kashmir & Coronavirus

Once notorious for its beauty, extensive crystal lakes and snow-capped mountains, the Kashmir region is now a heavily militarised zone at the heart of bloody conflict and human rights violations.  Before COVID-19 swept across the world, India’s Hindu nationalist BJP government enforced repressive measures in Kashmir in an effort to crackdown on political unrest andContinue reading “The Longest Lockdown: Kashmir & Coronavirus”

Police attack on University Students

The violent police crackdown of the peaceful protest at Jamia Millia Islamia University in New Delhi stoked widespread anger throughout India. Police forcibly swept the campus, beat protesters with batons, fired tear gas directly at them and destroyed the library where many ran for safety. In the South East of Delhi, at Aligarh Muslim University,Continue reading “Police attack on University Students”

Protests against CAA

People all across India are taking to the streets to protest the Citizenship Amendment Bill, which was approved by Parliament last Wednesday and became Law. It changes the rules of granting citizenship to undocumented migrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan to include religion as a criteria, with the explicit intention to exclude Muslims. ⁣⁣The passingContinue reading “Protests against CAA”