Sri Lanka’s Disappeared

We travelled to the North-East of Sri Lanka where we witnessed protests by mothers in search of their disappeared family members in the aftermath of the Sri Lankan civil war. Women have been heading these roadside protests for a whole year anticipating the state to release lists of detainees and the locations of detention centres as part of their demands. We spoke with the mothers and active members of civil society who gave us an insight into the issues they faced. It seemed that the Sri Lankan government had demonstrated reluctance to address the issue of disappearances head-on, giving false promises to the mothers, and denied accountability. Families of the disappeared, and many in this part of the country, onlook an unpredictable future in their struggle for justice.

International media has turned a blind-eye to issues faced by the Tamil population in the North-East of Sri Lanka. ‘Sri Lanka’s Disappeared’ is a documentary aiming to raise awareness for these protests by the families and to encourage support on the issue of disappearances in Sri Lanka.