Sri Lanka

A Tamil Reading List

These top 10 Tamil reads explores themes that force us to think critically about the complexities of our Tamilness. In collaboration with Tamil Reads, a space for Tamil community building and mentorship through the sharing of Tamil and Eelam Tamil reads, we have created a list of our Top 10 that examines our nuanced identities. Continue reading “A Tamil Reading List”

Life in a bunker during the Sri Lankan conflict

In so called ‘No-Fire Zones’ Tamil civilians built makeshift bunkers to seek shelter. Conditions were appalling in the scorching heat, with food and medicine scarce. The area was very densely packed with families sheltering in flimsy tents, digging bunkers where possible in the sandy terrain or constructing them with improvised sand bags stitched out ofContinue reading “Life in a bunker during the Sri Lankan conflict”