Protests against CAA

People all across India are taking to the streets to protest the Citizenship Amendment Bill, which was approved by Parliament last Wednesday and became Law. It changes the rules of granting citizenship to undocumented migrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan to include religion as a criteria, with the explicit intention to exclude Muslims. ⁣

The passing of this Act has been described as “the gravest threat to India’s secular democratic Constitution since India became a republic.” If enforced, along with the proposed National Register of Citizens, millions of Indian Muslims could be rendered stateless, forcibly detained and even deported. The first detention camp, already under construction, is reported to be the size of 7 football pitches.⁣

The CAA succeeds two key moves made by the Modi government that targets and adversely affects Muslims, who form 14% of India’s 1.3 billion population: (1) the revocation of Article 370 thus nullifying the regional autonomy in Muslim-majority Indian-Occupied Kashmir in August; (2) the Supreme Court’s ruling to grant Hindus control over the disputed land where the Babri Masjid once stood before being destroyed by Hindu radicals in a 1992 rally-turned-riot.⁣