Cracking coconuts is a podcast that explores political and social issues in South Asia. By providing a platform for voices that are often oppressed or censored, we aim to provide you an alternative perspective to the status quo. This podcast is brought to you by 47 Roots.

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Delhi Violence Explained

In this episode we’ll be explaining the violence that has come about in Delhi in the last couple months, starting with the clashes with students in December to the recent state-sanctioned pogrom. This has now escalated to a full-blown discriminatory attack on Muslims in Delhi with at least 51 people killed and around 250 injured.Continue reading “Delhi Violence Explained”

Coronavirus Outbreak

Does the coronavirus signal the end of humanity? Vinorshan and Nahim take over this episode of Cracking Coconuts, to discuss the origins of the COVID-19 virus, its global spread and how it’s impacting South Asia.  The information discussed here is accurate as of recording, which took place on Saturday 7th March 2020.

Nepal’s bleeding exiles

In parts of rural Nepal, women are forced to isolate themselves in huts or caves during their menstruation period. Recently, a 16-year-old girl suffocated to death in her goth. In recent years, some women have turned their back on the ritual: a few burnt their sheds. But although the country’s supreme court banned practising chaupadiContinue reading “Nepal’s bleeding exiles”

Tamils of Lanka

In conversation with Rachel Seoighe of the Tamil Information Centre. Ten years on from the end of the armed conflict in Sri Lanka, minority communities on the island are continuing to face heavy surveillance and further restrictions on their basic human rights. The Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka only reaffirmed this as we sawContinue reading “Tamils of Lanka”