Pakistan charter flights to return thousands of stranded Brits

The British High Commission has come under fire recently over their treatment of British Nationals stranded in Pakistan. Around 6,000 Britons continue to be stranded in Pakistan and while some can rely on family support, many are in dire financial straits. With £70 million being announced to repatriate stranded citizens from India and the Philippines amongst other nations, Pakistani nationals have been left frustrated at an apathetic UK High Commission and the exorbitant prices offered by PIA to fly out again. The recent news that 50 dogs and cats were being flown back from Cyprus to the UK when British citizens were left to be stranded has caused further outrage amongst those that at home and stranded abroad. Of particular concern was that many that were stranded wouldn’t be able to access the NHS, with resources in the UK already overwhelmed.⁣⁣

British government finally agreed to charter flights within the week after several UK MPs wrote to the foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, urging for chartered flights to be laid on for Britons stuck in Pakistan. The question is why this hasn’t happened sooner.