India’s Migrant Workers Begin Heading Home as Coronavirus Lockdown Eases

Indian migrant workers begin heading home as the government eases restrictions on travel form the nationwide lockdown.

Migrant workers who’ve sought out work outside their home states have been stranded since March 24th as the closure of transport links, shops and businesses has left them without money or food and no way of returning home. 

Free buses & trains have been provided by the government for workers to  travel back to their homes, though not enough required for the thousands who need it. Images show many in desperation, pack into buses and trains, boarding children through windows making social distancing measures virtually impossible. 

The closure of transport links has seen workers climb trucks or even walk by foot to their home states which can be several hundred of miles away. Promises of food and cash handouts by Prime Minister Modi have not been fulfilled to all of those affected leading to streets protests and demonstrations. Several of workers have tragically died as a result of road accidents, dehydration or starvation. 

Lockdown has been extended for the fourth time until the end of May to tackle the spread.  Workers fear that they will be difficult to find work to support their families once lockdown is over.