How this street art festival is transforming Chennai

Breathtaking street art has propped up on flat buildings in Chennai’s Kannagi Nagar district, as part of the Start Chennai festival. The paintings were curated by St+Art India Foundation who have done similar work in New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Goa. Sixteen walls were painted to sport large scale murals by 10 artists, including five from Chennai and five international ones. 

The central theme of the murals is ‘People and Environment’, based on the people’s livelihood and the idea of migration.

Kannagi Nagar, is a resettlement area with many residents travelling to central Chennai for work. Despite providing a facelift this doesn’t change the poor conditions of the people who live in the buildings. Though this does bring in much visibility and attention to an area which is often unheard. 

Photo’s courtesy of @kannagiframes