First doctor to die from Covid 19 in Bangladesh

50 year old Md Moyeen Uddin becomes the first doctor to die from Covid-19 in Bangladesh amid concerns about a lack of PPE. He leaves behind 2 children and his wife, who is also a doctor. More than 100 healthcare professionals have been infected so far with the country reporting a death toll of 91 from 2456 total cases. Heath experts say the situation is dangerous and could potentially spiral out of control if the government does not take preventive measures seriously and protect frontline workers. Opposition parties have criticised the government for announcing incentives for the garment sector instead of prioritising health.

Since his death, there have been allegations of improper treatment, mainly directed at the Directorate General of Heath Services (DGHS). One medical student, who wished to remain anonymous stated, “Sir wanted to go to Dhaka for better treatment, and there was an air ambulance of the Air Force available. But a recommendation was needed from the director general (DG) of Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS). However the DG did not give the recommendation when it was applied. He did get an ICU bed at neither his own hospital nor a government ambulance.” The medical director of the Osmani hospital has denied these accusations saying, “Our hospital is a general hospital and do not have the support to treat Codiv-19 patients. And there are critical patients in our ICU and for that reason it was to possible to admit him here.”