Tamils of Lanka

In conversation with Rachel Seoighe of the Tamil Information Centre. Ten years on from the end of the armed conflict in Sri Lanka, minority communities on the island are continuing to face heavy surveillance and further restrictions on their basic human rights. The Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka only reaffirmed this as we saw mobs attack Muslim minorities in their homes and places of worship, and the government stood in utter silence. In this episode, we discuss with Research scholar, Rachel Seoighe, about her work on the normalisation of genocide in Sri Lanka and the upcoming exhibition, Tamils of Lanka, which aims to capture the lives of Ilankai Tamils. Timestamps: 00:00 – 01:45 Intro 01:46 – 04:46 Easter Sunday Bombings 04:47 – 10:36 About TIC (Tamil Information Centre) 10:37 – 24:38 Sinhala Supremacy and the Normalisation of Genocide 24:39 – 36:07 “Tamils of Lanka: A Timeless Heritage” Exhibition