Anti-India protests and clashes erupt in Kashmir

Anti-India protests and clashes erupt in Kashmir as Indian soldiers shoot a young man dead. Indian Forces claim they shot the victim “when the car didn’t stop despite warning shots”. They feared an attack as a military convoy was passing at the time. The victim’s father denies this account stating that his son did notContinue reading “Anti-India protests and clashes erupt in Kashmir”

NHS Heroes: a Tribute to the Fallen⁣

Coronavirus has, so far, claimed the lives of ten UK doctors from Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Syria and Sudan. They are the first, and so far only, doctors publicly reported to have died after catching the virus in Britain’s crippling NHS. This is testament to the sheer dependence the NHS places onContinue reading “NHS Heroes: a Tribute to the Fallen⁣”

Police attack on University Students

The violent police crackdown of the peaceful protest at Jamia Millia Islamia University in New Delhi stoked widespread anger throughout India. Police forcibly swept the campus, beat protesters with batons, fired tear gas directly at them and destroyed the library where many ran for safety. In the South East of Delhi, at Aligarh Muslim University,Continue reading “Police attack on University Students”

Protests against CAA

People all across India are taking to the streets to protest the Citizenship Amendment Bill, which was approved by Parliament last Wednesday and became Law. It changes the rules of granting citizenship to undocumented migrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan to include religion as a criteria, with the explicit intention to exclude Muslims. ⁣⁣The passingContinue reading “Protests against CAA”

A 150 year long inter-religious fire.

India’s Supreme Court ruling on the Ayodhya case has extinguished a 150 year long inter-religious fire. The Court has ruled that the disputed holy site in Ayodhya in northern India should be given to Hindus who want to build a temple. The five Supreme Court judges based their unanimous decision on the Hindu belief thatContinue reading “A 150 year long inter-religious fire.”