The burning and rebuilding of Jaffna Public Library

At midnight on 31st May 1981, the prestigious Jaffna Public Library was set ablaze by Sri Lankan security forces and state-sponsored Sinhala mobs. The library housed over 97,000 rare books and manuscripts, positioning it as one of the largest in Asia and the foremost repository of Tamil literature and culture. Library’s Origins The library wasContinue reading “The burning and rebuilding of Jaffna Public Library”

Life in a bunker during the Sri Lankan conflict

In so called ‘No-Fire Zones’ Tamil civilians built makeshift bunkers to seek shelter. Conditions were appalling in the scorching heat, with food and medicine scarce. The area was very densely packed with families sheltering in flimsy tents, digging bunkers where possible in the sandy terrain or constructing them with improvised sand bags stitched out ofContinue reading “Life in a bunker during the Sri Lankan conflict”

Sri Lanka’s tea pickers toil on amid lockdown

Sri Lankan police have enforced a strict lockdown since March, however, there is an exception to the rule. Tea and plantation workers have been permitted to work in any district, threatening the lives of the impoverished in these sectors. Tea plantation workers have been forced to buy or make their own masks but for manyContinue reading “Sri Lanka’s tea pickers toil on amid lockdown”

Sri Lanka Easter attacks – a year on

This Easter we reflect and mourn the victims of the attacks in Sri Lanka last year. A series of coordinated terrorist suicide bombings across Batticaloa, Colombo, Negombo and Sainthamaruthu took 259 innocent lives. The consequences continue to be far reaching for the country and the affected families. ⁣⁣Since the attacks, there has been a dangerously high increaseContinue reading “Sri Lanka Easter attacks – a year on”

The Ongoing Search for Sri Lanka’s Disappeared

Sitting President Gotabaya Rajapaksa told the UN that thousands of disappeared Tamils are “actually dead”. This callous statement came after over 1000 days of continuous protests by the Tamil families of the disappeared demanding justice and accountability for their loved ones. Much like Sirisena, Rajapaksa attempts to deny accountability to the families without providing detailsContinue reading “The Ongoing Search for Sri Lanka’s Disappeared”