How India, Pakistan and Bangladesh were formed

Pre partition India mainly consisted of British controlled areas and sovereign princely states which were not fully and formally part of British India. In a call for independence from British Rule, Cyril Radcliffe, who had never been to India was given less than 40 days to draw up the new borders based on outdated mapsContinue reading “How India, Pakistan and Bangladesh were formed”

The Partition of India: A Brief Timeline

British Rule The British arrived in India in the 1600s, In 1858 the country came under direct British rule; this began the period known as the Raj, meaning “to rule” or “kingdom” in Hindi. At the time, dominant religious groups in the country included Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs. The British colonised this large nation throughContinue reading “The Partition of India: A Brief Timeline”

Jayaraj and Bennicks: Police Brutality in India

The South Indian state of Tamil Nadu is reeling as the alleged torture of a father and son in police custody has caused an uproar in the state with thousands on social media comparing the incident to the death of George Floyd in the United States. The deaths of P Jayaraj and son, J Bennicks,Continue reading “Jayaraj and Bennicks: Police Brutality in India”

Fake pilots and heroin smuggling; PIA is unfit for purpose

Once a well-respected international airline with a burgeoning reputation, recent years have seen Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) condemned as a corrupt organisation; bereft of real leadership and values. In its formative years in the mid 1980’s, Emirates sought help from PIA to procure planes and train its staff. In the decades that followed, the twoContinue reading “Fake pilots and heroin smuggling; PIA is unfit for purpose”

Zohra Shah & Pakistan’s Child Labour Laws

Trigger warning: mention of child abuse Behind the gates of Pakistan’s most affluent neighbourhoods, an estimated 8.5 to 12 million children work as servants. Some of them are treated with kindness like an unpayable favour; second-hand clothes, eating from the same plates and sleeping in the same house. Others are not so ‘blessed’, leaving theirContinue reading “Zohra Shah & Pakistan’s Child Labour Laws”

The Longest Lockdown: Kashmir & Coronavirus

Once notorious for its beauty, extensive crystal lakes and snow-capped mountains, the Kashmir region is now a heavily militarised zone at the heart of bloody conflict and human rights violations.  Before COVID-19 swept across the world, India’s Hindu nationalist BJP government enforced repressive measures in Kashmir in an effort to crackdown on political unrest andContinue reading “The Longest Lockdown: Kashmir & Coronavirus”

British Sport: Paki-Bashing

The United Kingdom has seen waves of South Asian immigration. Following World War II and Indian Independence from British rule, Britain encouraged South Asians to emigrate to repair their broken nation. In the 1950s to 1970s, immigrants were usually manual labourers working in industrial settings. The ‘80s and ‘90s saw a shift to immigrants trainedContinue reading “British Sport: Paki-Bashing”

Kerala: India’s unsung hero on the coronavirus outbreak

To the casual observer, Kerala’s clash with coronavirus started on the 27th of January when three Indian students returning from Wuhan tested positive for Covid-19. In actual fact, the story of Kerala’s much envied response to the pandemic starts a whole two years earlier.  It was from the lessons learnt during the Nipah outbreak inContinue reading “Kerala: India’s unsung hero on the coronavirus outbreak”

Challenging Anti-Blackness in South Asia

Across the USA on Saturday, police responded to protests over George Floyd’s murder with excessive force. We witnessed police SUVs ramming into peaceful protesters, rubber bullets aimed at tv news stations on the scene, brute force of tear gas and pepper spray used.  The protests began in Minnesota, last week, to end police brutality againstContinue reading “Challenging Anti-Blackness in South Asia”