Bois Locker Room: Rape Culture & Harassment on Social Media

On May 2nd, screenshots of boys talking about their underage classmates, the way they look and their dressing sense in a derogatory manner, circulated across Facebook and Instagram. In this episode, we are joined by Shruti Balaji, a PhD candidate in LSE’s Department of International Relations, to discuss how social media provides a platform forContinue reading “Bois Locker Room: Rape Culture & Harassment on Social Media”

Jayaraj and Bennicks: Police Brutality in India

The South Indian state of Tamil Nadu is reeling as the alleged torture of a father and son in police custody has caused an uproar in the state with thousands on social media comparing the incident to the death of George Floyd in the United States. The deaths of P Jayaraj and son, J Bennicks,Continue reading “Jayaraj and Bennicks: Police Brutality in India”

Challenging Anti-Blackness in South Asia

Across the USA on Saturday, police responded to protests over George Floyd’s murder with excessive force. We witnessed police SUVs ramming into peaceful protesters, rubber bullets aimed at tv news stations on the scene, brute force of tear gas and pepper spray used.  The protests began in Minnesota, last week, to end police brutality againstContinue reading “Challenging Anti-Blackness in South Asia”

George Floyd and Dismantling Racism

Protests began in Minnesota, the week before, to end police brutality against black folx in response to a video showing a white police officer killing Floyd, an unarmed black man. The protests have erupted globally calling for an end to police brutality, an end to the police state, and an end to institutionalised racism. InContinue reading “George Floyd and Dismantling Racism”

15-year old girl cycles 1200km home with disabled father

Fifteen-year-old, Jyoti Kumari, cycles 745 miles home with disabled father on bike as India’s national lockdown measures ban all “non essential” travel. As with millions of other newly unemployed migrant workers, Jyoti and her father found themselves with no income amongst the coronavirus lockdown. With rent still needing to be paid, the two were leftContinue reading “15-year old girl cycles 1200km home with disabled father”

Cyclone Amphan wreaks havoc in India and Bangladesh

Cyclone Amphan, one of the worst storms in Bengal in 283 years, has left much of Kolkata without electricity, drinking water, or phone lines. The cyclone is estimated to have caused $13.2 billion in damage. Although, the army has sent troops to help with the aftermath of the cyclone, this comes after several days ofContinue reading “Cyclone Amphan wreaks havoc in India and Bangladesh”

Reflecting on Genocide: 11 years on

Sri Lanka: The month of May is a momentous one in the long history of the Tamil people. For many Tamils, May is a month of mourning, commemorating and remembering. 11 years ago, tens of thousands of innocent Tamil civilians were massacred. Today, we are joined by Sagi Thilipkumar, PEARL’s Advocacy Coordinator for Switzerland andContinue reading “Reflecting on Genocide: 11 years on”

Anti-India protests and clashes erupt in Kashmir

Anti-India protests and clashes erupt in Kashmir as Indian soldiers shoot a young man dead. Indian Forces claim they shot the victim “when the car didn’t stop despite warning shots”. They feared an attack as a military convoy was passing at the time. The victim’s father denies this account stating that his son did notContinue reading “Anti-India protests and clashes erupt in Kashmir”

Kashmir brings home the Pulitzer Prize

Three Jammu and Kashmir-based photojournalists— Dar Yasin, Mukhtar Khan and Channi Anand—working with news agency Associated Press (AP) have won the prestigious Pulitzer Prize for their coverage of Kashmir’s lockdown after the abrogation of Article 370 last year. Despite India’s crackdown on Kashmir since last August, which included a sweeping curfew and internet shutdowns, theseContinue reading “Kashmir brings home the Pulitzer Prize”

India showers its hospitals with flowers in an empty gesture

The Indian armed forces put on a show by showering hospitals with flower petals to thank doctors, nurses and emergency service workers who have been at the forefront of the country’s battle against the coronavirus pandemic. The Indian Navy formed a human chain to spell: “Indian Navy salutes corona warriors.” Indian Prime Minister Narendra ModiContinue reading “India showers its hospitals with flowers in an empty gesture”