‘I want Kashmir to be free’

Suno, there are several ways I can answer that question. There’s the liberal-elite-English-speaking-wallah reason that I can access because of my socio-economic privilege. Like, oh I’m fighting for the India I grew up in! The Idea of India! Unity in Diversity, Roses for the police and candle-light marches in Jantar Mantar! But, this Islamaphobic fascist-wadiContinue reading “‘I want Kashmir to be free’”

Police attack on University Students

The violent police crackdown of the peaceful protest at Jamia Millia Islamia University in New Delhi stoked widespread anger throughout India. Police forcibly swept the campus, beat protesters with batons, fired tear gas directly at them and destroyed the library where many ran for safety. In the South East of Delhi, at Aligarh Muslim University,Continue reading “Police attack on University Students”

Protests against CAA

People all across India are taking to the streets to protest the Citizenship Amendment Bill, which was approved by Parliament last Wednesday and became Law. It changes the rules of granting citizenship to undocumented migrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan to include religion as a criteria, with the explicit intention to exclude Muslims. ⁣⁣The passingContinue reading “Protests against CAA”

The True Cost of your Trip to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has made a name for itself as a tourist destination, earning the top spot on Lonely Planet travel destinations of 2019. However behind Sri Lanka’s beaches and tropical climate, lies a government with a long record of human rights violations lasting a 26-year-long civil war which has left the minority Tamil population marginalisedContinue reading “The True Cost of your Trip to Sri Lanka”

South Asian Politics Surfaces at the Cricket World Cup 2019⁣⁣⁣

India v Pakistan is arguably the greatest rivalry in the history of the game, not only owing to the fact that both the neighbours have produced cricketers of impeccable talent over the decades but because of the underlying political tensions that have marred the two nuclear armed neighbours relationship since the time of the partitionContinue reading “South Asian Politics Surfaces at the Cricket World Cup 2019⁣⁣⁣”

Sanitation workers intensify strike

On June 3rd, protesters at Delhi’s Ambedkar University stood in solidarity with the campus ‘Safai Karamchands’ (Manual scavengers), who were dismissed for campaigning against the outlawed practice. ⁣⁣⁣⁣Manual scavenging is an insidious form of casteism, where members of the scavenging castes were employed by governments to remove human wastage from houses with baskets. The practiceContinue reading “Sanitation workers intensify strike”