47 Roots is a digital magazine, providing a platform to discuss South Asian politics, culture and social theory.

Acting as a refractory body, we collate, dissect and reconfigure the narratives we have inherited from our ancestral homelands. Stories which are all too often stripped of nuance and reduced to orientalist tropes.

We hope to inspire critical thinking and conversation, and we ask that you take a seat at the table.

Why “47 Roots”?

In 1947, Mother India finally wrangled freedom from the British. She birthed India, East & West Pakistan and in ’48, Sri Lanka; with Kashmir still trapped in the womb. ’47 did not mark the end, but rather the renewed struggle for freedom. The uprising and ideological evolution of these countries are roots of the same tree. This is the story we share.

Our Work

We decode post-partition South Asia by publishing reflective journalism ranging from long form think-pieces and documentaries to short forms reviews and interviews, fighting this era of post-truth politics and far-right propaganda. Using various creative mediums, we tug at the threads of the social fabric of South Asian countries.

We subvert the herd mentality and bring to you bold thinking and reasoned discourse. We reject watering the seed of majoritarianism. We reject jingoism disguised as patriotism. We reject autocratisation. Instead, we urge reconciliation and harmony within and between our native countries.

Our podcast, Cracking Coconuts, is one medium through which we deconstruct socio-political issues. We deep-dive with guests who are experts in their respective fields, exploring topics from the constitutional coup in Sri Lanka, to the ramifications of institutionalised misogyny in India. This is where stifled and censored voices gather to speak.

Who are we?

47 Roots comprises a tightly-knit diasporic group, working closely with activists and academics across the globe. We do everything from reconfiguring news, collaborating with activist groups and commissioning stories. Each member of our team brings a unique skill set that arms us with the ability to produce content that is innovative, stimulating and accessible to all.

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